Our concept

Whatever the time, whatever the day, we deliver a selection of alcoholic drinks, cold soft drinks and snacks to your home, within 15 to 60 minutes depending on your address!

We also organize dinner aperitif for your events.


Our wines, like all our drinks, are delivered fresh. White or red, our wines are from our region.


We offer the following beers: Corona, Grimbergen, Desperados, Heineken and our local beer, Blanche Mont Blanc, all in a pack of 6

Champagne & cider

Do you like bubbles? Choose from our Mercier Blanc de Noirs Champagne and our Pomme de Savoie sweet cider


Need to warm up on a cool winter evening in our mountains? We offer Bombay Original gin, Havana, Trois Rivières or Captain Morgan rums, Sobieski, Eristoff and Belvedere vodkas or Ballantine’s, Jack Daniel’s or Grant’s whiskeys.

Fruit juices & cordials

To accompany your cocktails or simply to refresh yourself, choose from apple, orange, pineapple or cane sugar.


Accompany your spirits with to choose from: Red Bull, Monster Energy, Coca-Cola, Sprite or Schweppes tonic

Snacks & charcuterie.

Alps’Drinks offers you to accompany your drinks, salt, vinegar, barbecue, cheese onion or chicken crisps. Plain sausages or with Beaufort or pepper. Cheeses: Beaufort or Tomme de Savoie. Finally, country, chanterelle mushroom or armagnac terrines. Bon aperitif to you! (French accent inside)

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